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9 Best Alternatives and Competitors

If you’ve been exploring, you’ve likely discovered its value as a course-building and marketing platform. It offers good features and even a generous free plan. However, like any tool, it comes with its own set of limitations. That’s why it’s essential to explore other platforms that have earned stellar reputations and excel in specific areas. In this article, I’ll be looking at the best alternatives and competitors. Each of these has its own strengths and features, offering you a variety of choices

Best Alternatives and Competitors

1- GoHighLevel – Best Alternative of

GoHighLevel focuses on streamlining business operations, emphasizing sales automation, and boosting lead generation. On the other hand, provides a versatile set of six key tools, encompassing affiliate program management, marketing automation, an integrated online course platform, sales funnels, and robust email marketing capabilities.

In comparison, GoHighLevel offers an extensive array of features including membership site creation, specialized landing pages, potent marketing automation, and the implementation of conversational AI bots. Additionally, for eCommerce ventures, integrates seamless dropshipping and supports various payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal, ensuring a smooth transaction process and an enhanced shopping experience.

GoHighLevel further distinguishes itself by providing an extensive range of marketing tools and flexible integrations, catering to a wide spectrum of marketing requirements. Additionally, it extends advanced features such as white labeling, API access, split testing, and an intuitive AI bot.

In terms of pricing, GoHighLevel adopts a flexible and scalable model based on usage. Plans start at $97 per month for the Starter tier and go up to $297 per month for the Pro plan. An Agency plan is also available at $497/month. On the other hand, offers highly attractive and budget-friendly pricing plans, making it a superb choice for small business proprietors. Moreover, presents a free plan for those looking to commence their journey without any initial expenses

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White labeling
Sell Physical Products✓ GoHighLevel have recently launched store option to sell physical products
Sell Dropshipping Product
Free Migration ✓ Only if you signup on their annual plan
Free Plan 
SAAS $497/month
GoHighLevel vs Comparison

2- GetResponse

GetResponse is one of the best alternatives to, GetResponse is excellent at handling the technical side of sales funnels. It’s best if you’re already using different tools for landing pages and funnels. It’s really good at sending emails and making sure they get to the right place. GetResponse also offers cool features like automatic replies, easy marketing plans, and templates for emails and newsletters. It’s a good choice if you’re working with affiliates.

When it comes to cost, has a free plan with basic features, a Starter plan at $27/month, and an Enterprise plan at $97/month. GetResponse is a bit pricier due to its reputation. It has three plans: Email Marketing for $19/month, Marketing Automation for $59/month (which is the most popular), and Ecommerce Marketing for $119/month. The Marketing Automation plan includes unlimited emails, automation, webinars, and unlimited landing pages and funnels.

3- Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a specialized system that focuses on managing sales steps effectively. It helps keep track of leads, communicate with customers, and seal deals smoothly. So, if you’re considering an alternative to, especially for comprehensive sales management, Pipedrive could be the solution you’re looking for. It’s designed to help businesses streamline their sales processes efficiently. 

Pipedrive offers several advantages as a CRM tool. Its visual tracking feature provides a clear view of lead and opportunity growth within a company, making it easy to monitor progress. The availability of a free plan is a standout benefit, allowing users to test the product without any financial commitment. Additionally, Pipedrive’s simplicity and effectiveness, particularly in providing reminders and aiding organization, are highly praised. However, there are some drawbacks. Compared to higher-tier platforms, customization options are somewhat limited. During system downtimes, finding support contacts can be a bit challenging. Some users also find the Lead section less functional. For beginners, the pricing might be a bit steep, and setting up filters may require some effort.

4- Kartra

Kartra is a powerful alternative to It’s an all-in-one platform with a wide range of tools for running an online business. Kartra offers features like easy checkout options, customizable pages, effective lead management, and advanced automation for emails and campaigns. It also provides tools for creating membership sites, managing appointments, and running affiliate programs. Kartra’s comprehensive set of features makes it a top choice for businesses looking for a versatile and robust platform, making it the best alternative to

5- Keap

Keap is a standout alternative to While is a great platform for beginners with features like sales funnels and email marketing, Keap, formerly known as Infusionsoft, takes a different approach. Keap specializes in managing customer relationships, making it a powerful tool for organizing leads, automating tasks, and sending personalized messages. Its emphasis on customer engagement and relationship-building sets it apart. For businesses looking for a CRM-focused solution, Keap is the best alternative to, thanks to its strong reputation and its ability to effectively manage customer interactions.

6- ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is the top alternative to While is great for beginners with features like sales funnels and email marketing, ActiveCampaign takes a different approach. ActiveCampaign specializes in advanced email marketing and automation, making it a powerful tool for sending personalized messages and managing customer interactions. Its strong focus on email marketing and automation sets it apart. For businesses looking for a platform with a robust email marketing and automation system, ActiveCampaign is the best alternative to due to its proven effectiveness and emphasis on creating targeted marketing campaigns.

7- Builderall

When it comes to choosing between Builderall and, Builderall is the top alternative. While is good for beginners with features like sales funnels and email marketing, Builderall offers a broader range of tools. It provides a powerful drag-and-drop website builder, email marketing automation, sales funnel creation, and even a design studio for creating attractive visuals. Builderall stands out for its versatility in design and marketing tools, making it an excellent choice for businesses looking for a comprehensive set of creative and marketing capabilities. If you’re seeking a platform with a wide range of tools, Builderall is the best alternative to


When comparing and, emerges as the top alternative. While is a good choice for beginners with features like sales funnels and email marketing, offers a wider range of advanced tools. It provides a versatile website builder, advanced email marketing, affiliate management, and even a membership site creator. stands out for its comprehensive set of features, making it an excellent option for businesses looking for a complete online business solution. If you’re seeking a platform with an extensive range of tools, is the best alternative to

9- MightyNetworks

When comparing Mightynetwork and, Mightynetwork emerges as the top alternative. While is a versatile tool for beginners in digital marketing, Mightynetwork takes a different approach. It excels in creating engaging online communities and memberships, offering features like discussion forums, content sharing, events, and integrated messaging. Mightynetwork fosters a sense of belonging and interaction among members, making it an excellent alternative to for businesses looking to build vibrant and interactive communities around their products or services. Its emphasis on community-building sets it apart, providing a unique platform for businesses seeking to create meaningful connections with their audience. If you’re looking to create a dynamic online community, Mightynetwork is the best alternative to


When it comes to finding Best Alternatives and Competitors, there are several options, each with its own strengths. GoHighLevel is great for streamlining business tasks and boosting sales. GetResponse is excellent for handling sales funnels and sending emails effectively. Pipedrive is all about managing sales steps efficiently. Kartra offers a wide range of tools for online businesses. Keap focuses on organizing customer relationships. ActiveCampaign is top-notch for advanced email marketing. Builderall provides a bunch of creative and marketing tools. offers a complete online business solution. MightyNetworks is fantastic for creating interactive communities. These alternatives cater to different business needs, giving entrepreneurs plenty of choices.

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