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GoHighLevel vs Kartra: The Ultimate Face-Off in the World of Marketing Platforms

When it comes to marketing platforms, GoHighLevel and Kartra have emerged as prominent contenders, capturing the attention of digital marketers, agencies, and business owners. These platforms offer a wide range of tools and features that can be used to test and improve marketing efforts. But there are some big differences between them. After conducting thorough testing and analysis, I have compiled this comprehensive comparison to assist you in selecting the most suitable CRM software for your business. Join me as we dive into the world of GoHighLevel vs Kartra, exploring their individual strengths, weaknesses, and unique offerings. By the end, you’ll have gained a deeper understanding of which platform aligns best with your marketing goals and requirements, allowing you to optimize and simplify your marketing processes.

Key Points:
Kartra and GoHighLevel are powerful all-in-one platforms that can replace multiple software tools in your agency, coaching, consulting, or brick-and-mortar business.

GoHighLevel is tailored for digital marketing agencies, offering features like reporting, reputation management, white labeling, and various client follow-up options.

Kartra is a better choice for business owners and course creators, excelling in areas such as checkout systems, email marketing automation, affiliate management, video hosting, and pre-built campaigns.

GoHighLevel vs Kartra: Both platforms provide free trials, allowing you to test them and determine which one suits your business needs best.

They are effective marketing tools for reaching a wider audience and growing your business, particularly for small businesses and those starting with digital marketing.

For larger companies or agencies, GoHighLevel provides comprehensive solutions for sales, marketing, CRM, and reputation management.

Both GoHighLevel and Kartra offer a 14-day free trial, with GoHighLevel being completely free and Kartra requiring a $1 trial fee.

If you sign up for GoHighLevel through our affiliate link, you’ll receive bonuses worth $4,997. These bonuses include free GoHighLevel training, dozens of GoHighLevel snapshots that you can import to your GoHighLevel account with just a click, and one month of expert assistance, all at no additional cost.
Gohighlevel vs kartra: Key Points

What is GoHighLevel?

GoHighLevel is an all-in-one marketing and automation platform designed to streamline and optimize business operations. It provides a comprehensive suite of tools and features including customer relationship management (CRM), email and SMS marketing, funnel building, appointment scheduling, website creation, and more. GoHighLevel aims to simplify digital marketing processes by consolidating multiple functions into a single platform, allowing businesses to effectively manage and automate their marketing campaigns, track leads, engage with customers, and improve overall efficiency.

Imagine you have a business, and you want to promote it and reach more customers. GoHighLevel is like having a magic toolbox that helps you with everything related to marketing. It has different tools inside, like a customer organizer, a messaging system, a way to create attractive websites, and even a scheduler for appointments. Instead of using many different tools separately, GoHighLevel puts everything together in one place, making it easier for you to manage your marketing tasks. You can send emails and text messages to your customers, build online forms and sales funnels, and keep track of your leads all in one platform. It’s like having a personal assistant that takes care of your marketing needs, making your work more efficient and helping your business grow.

To maintain the reader’s interest, I have included a brief summary in the previous paragraph. However, for a more in-depth exploration, I encourage you to peruse the article entitled “What is Gohighlevel?” This comprehensive piece will provide you with a detailed understanding of the topic.

What is Kartra?

Kartra is an all-in-one marketing platform that simplifies the process of running an online business. It combines essential marketing tools such as website building, sales funnels, email marketing, membership portals, video hosting, and more into a single platform. Kartra enables businesses to create and manage their online presence, automate marketing campaigns, capture leads, and sell products or services effectively. It provides a comprehensive set of features that empower entrepreneurs to streamline their operations and engage with customers, ultimately helping them to grow their online business without the need for multiple disparate tools.

Imagine you want to make your online business successful. Kartra is like a super-powered toolbox with everything you need to run your business easily. It’s like having a website builder, email sender, and a salesperson all in one place. With Kartra, you can create a beautiful website for your business without needing any technical skills. You can also send emails to your customers to keep them updated and engaged. It helps you build sales funnels, which are like step-by-step paths to guide your customers towards making a purchase. Additionally, you can create membership portals to offer exclusive content or courses to your customers. Kartra puts all these powerful tools together so that you can manage your online business easily and focus on growing it.

Comparison Table / Features: GoHighLevel vs Kartra

PricingStarts at $97/monthStarts at $99/month (If signed up on annual plan)
Free Trial14 days trial which can be extended to 42 trials. view instructions here to extend free trialKartra offers 14-days trial for $1
WhitelabelYou can complete whitelabel gohighlevel dashboard with your own brandingYou can’t whitelabel on Kartra but Kartra Agency embeds your agency branding at the footer of every email you send on behalf of your client.
Funnel BuilderYesYes
Landing Page BuilderYesYes
Email MarketingYesYes
SMS MarketingYesNo
Marketing AutomationYesYes
Membership SitesYesYes
Affiliate ManagementYes, 40% lifetime commissionsYes, 40% lifetime commissions
Webinar IntegrationYesYes
A/B TestingYes, Landing page A/B testing feature is only accessible on the Pro Plan ($497 Plan)Yes, the A/B testing tool that comes with Kartra gives you the ability to split test live pages and funnels by modifying the copy, buttons, and pictures, among other aspects of the page or funnel.
Analytics and ReportsYesYes
IntegrationsAs of now, GoHighLevel has direct connections with Mailgun, Twilio, Zoom, WhatsApp, Stripe, Paypal, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Google, WordPress, Quickbooks, Leadconnector, and Shopify. You can use Zapier or another integration service to connect your app to other third-party apps.Connect Kartra with many of the platforms you are familiar with and use for your business. These platforms may include many of the most prominent payment gateways, membership platforms, email marketing platforms, SMS, Zapier, and other platforms. Kartra supports a wide range of integrations.
User InterfaceModern and user-friendly interfaceUser-friendly interface with a slight learning curve
Customer Support24/7 live chat, email, and phone support24/7 live chat, email, and phone support
Training ResourcesExtensive knowledge base, tutorials, webinars, and video guidesExtensive knowledge base, tutorials, and video guides
Ease of UseRelatively easy to use with a short learning curveCan be overwhelming for beginners with a steeper learning curve
CustomizationHighly customizable with the ability to create unique designsAllows customization, but with some limitations
GoHighlevel vs Kartra: Comparison Table

Pricing: GoHighlevel vs Kartra

When comparing the pricing of GoHighLevel and Kartra, it’s evident that both platforms offer various plans to cater to different business needs and budgets. GoHighLevel provides a range of pricing options, starting with the Basic plan at $97 per month, which offers essential features. The Unlimited plan at $297 per month expands upon the Basic plan with advanced features and integrations. The Agency plan at $497 per month is tailored for agencies, offering white-labeling and client management features.

On the other hand, Kartra offers four pricing plans, you receive 25% off if you signup for annual plan. Starting with the Starter plan at $119 per month, which provides fundamental features for email marketing and lead management. The Silver plan at $229 per month builds upon the Starter plan with additional features like affiliate management and helpdesk portals.

The Gold plan, which costs $339 per month, includes video hosting and custom programming, whereas the Platinum plan, which costs $549 per month, provides priority support and a dedicated account manager.

GoHighLevel offers a 14-day free trial, which can be extended to a 42-day trial by following specific instructions provided in this article on Gohighlevel extended trial. This extended trial period allows users to explore the features and functionalities of GoHighLevel in more depth before committing to a paid plan.

On the other hand, Kartra offers a 14-day trial for a nominal fee of $1. This trial period enables users to experience the full range of features and capabilities offered by Kartra for a minimal cost.

It’s important to note that both platforms offer trial periods to give users an opportunity to assess their suitability for their business needs. The extended trial period provided by GoHighLevel allows for a more extensive testing period, while Kartra’s $1 trial offers a low-cost option to explore the platform’s features.

Pros and Cons: GoHighlevel vs Kartra

GoHighLevel Pros:

  • 14-day free trial: GoHighLevel offers a 14-day free trial, allowing users to test the platform’s features and functionalities before committing to a paid plan.
  • Comprehensive all-in-one platform: It provides a complete system for website building, funnel creation, membership sites, CRM, SMS marketing, and marketing automation, eliminating the need for multiple tools.
  • Native email marketing system: GoHighLevel includes a built-in email marketing system, making it convenient for managing email campaigns within the platform.
  • Import ClickFunnels funnels: Users can import funnels from ClickFunnels into GoHighLevel, making it easier to migrate existing funnels.

GoHighlevel Cons:

  • Lack of good landing page templates: Some users may find the available landing page templates limited in terms of design and customization options.
  • Overwhelming feature set: The platform offers a wide range of features, which can be overwhelming for new users who may need time to understand and navigate through them.
  • Not many integrations: Compared to other platforms, GoHighLevel offers fewer integrations with third-party applications, limiting its compatibility with external tools.
  • Less educational material: Some users may find a lack of comprehensive educational materials and tutorials for learning and mastering the platform.

Kartra Pros:

  • $1 for 14-day full trial: Kartra offers a 14-day trial period for a nominal fee of $1, allowing users to experience the full range of features and capabilities.
  • Full website, funnel, membership site system: Kartra provides a complete system for building websites, creating funnels, and managing membership sites, eliminating the need for separate tools.
  • Native email marketing system: It includes a built-in email marketing system, making it convenient for managing email campaigns within the platform.
  • Agency portal facilitates client work: Kartra offers an Agency Plan that provides features specifically designed for managing client projects and work.

Kartra Cons:

  • No email marketing integrations (only SMTPs): Unlike some other platforms, Kartra does not offer integrations with external email marketing services, limiting options for email delivery.
  • Less integrations than other platforms: Users may find that Kartra offers fewer integrations with third-party applications compared to some competing platforms, which can restrict flexibility.
  • Steep learning curve compared to the competition: Kartra’s extensive feature set and functionalities may have a steeper learning curve, requiring more time and effort to fully grasp and utilize.
  • Can be hard to handle at first: The platform’s many features and choices can be overwhelming for new users, which could make the process of getting started take longer.

Where is GoHighLevel better than Kartra?

Firstly, GoHighLevel allows you to connect and automate your work with other popular tools more easily. This means you can integrate GoHighLevel with other software you use, making it simpler to manage your business processes.

Additionally, if you work with clients or have multiple brands, GoHighLevel has special features that can help you. These features allow you to customize the platform with your own branding and efficiently manage different client accounts or brands in one place.

When it comes to pricing, GoHighLevel offers more affordable options, especially for their basic and unlimited plans. This means you can get all the necessary features without breaking the bank.

Lastly, GoHighLevel has powerful tools for sending text messages and running SMS marketing campaigns. This is particularly useful because it helps you reach and engage with your customers through their mobile phones.

Overall, GoHighLevel is better than Kartra in these specific areas: integrations with other tools, features for working with clients or multiple brands, affordable pricing options, and strong SMS marketing capabilities.

GoHighlevel is better than Kartra If you’re building Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA)

GoHighLevel offers comprehensive features that are specifically designed to support social media marketing efforts. It provides tools for managing social media campaigns, scheduling posts, analyzing engagement metrics, and even running targeted ads on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. These features are crucial for effectively managing and growing social media presence for your clients.

Additionally, GoHighLevel’s agency-specific features make it an ideal platform for managing multiple clients and their social media accounts. You can easily create separate client accounts within GoHighLevel, allowing you to efficiently organize and track each client’s campaigns, leads, and results. This makes it much easier to provide tailored services and manage the unique needs of each client.

Furthermore, GoHighLevel’s white-labeling capabilities allow you to brand the platform with your agency’s logo and colors. This gives your agency a professional and cohesive appearance when presenting reports or dashboards to clients, enhancing your brand image and credibility.

Overall, GoHighLevel provides the necessary tools and features to effectively build and manage a social media marketing agency. Its specialized features, agency management capabilities, and white-labeling options make it a powerful platform for serving clients in the social media marketing space.

Where is Kartra better than GoHighLevel?

Kartra offers several features that make it stand out from GoHighLevel.

One standout feature is Kartra Agency, which allows you to easily manage multiple client accounts from a single dashboard. This is especially beneficial for consultants and marketing agencies as it eliminates the need to log in and out of individual accounts. With Kartra Agency, you can view important information such as revenue generated, sales, website visitors, and new leads, giving you a comprehensive overview of your clients’ performance.

Kartra also provides ready-made campaigns, known as Kartra Done For You Campaigns, which are beautifully designed and high-converting templates. These campaigns save time and effort by providing pre-built landing pages, email sequences, forms, and more. This feature is particularly useful for offering clients a complete marketing solution without the need for extensive customization. Additionally, Kartra’s product feature allows you to set up different packages and easily collect payments from clients, whether you have an e-commerce or service-based business.

Overall, Kartra’s Agency feature, Done For You Campaigns, and the ability to create and sell products add significant value and convenience, making it a strong choice for managing client accounts and streamlining marketing campaigns.

Final Verdict: GoHighLevel vs Kartra

In simple terms, both GoHighLevel and Kartra are tools that can help you with your marketing needs and reaching a wider audience. They are suitable for people who are just starting with digital marketing or have small businesses.

If you have a larger company or a marketing agency, GoHighLevel might be a better choice. It offers a wide range of features for sales, marketing, customer relationship management (CRM), and managing your online reputation. It allows you to do many different marketing activities all in one place.

On the other hand, Kartra is also an all-in-one marketing solution, but it focuses on different types of businesses like online courses or selling products online. It provides tools for creating sales funnels, managing memberships, sending emails, and building landing pages. It’s known for being easy to use and user-friendly.

To decide between the two, you can try their free trials. Kartra offers a trial for $1, while GoHighLevel’s trial is completely free for 14 days. This will allow you to test them out and see which one feels more comfortable and suits your needs better.


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