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Keap Review 2024 | Best CRM Software

Starting an online business can feel overwhelming. I’ve been using Keap (formerly Infusionsoft) for five years. During that time, I’ve learned its strengths, weaknesses, and who it’s best for. But beyond the name change, Keap offers tools to help businesses grow online. In this Keap review, I’ll share if Keap lives up to its promises. Let’s dive in!

Key Points:

  • Keap is a versatile tool designed to assist entrepreneurs in growing their businesses by organizing leads, managing sales tasks, and enhancing revenue generation.
  • Formerly known as Infusionsoft, Keap has evolved into a comprehensive platform offering CRM, email marketing, and automation tools, catering to businesses since 2004.
  • Keap’s core features include Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Email Marketing, Landing Pages, Marketing Automation, Messaging Contacts, Sales Pipeline, and additional tools for payments, reports, scheduling, quotes, and invoices.
  • Its key strengths lie in managing customer relationships, automating marketing and sales tasks, and providing tools for various business operations.
  • Pros of Keap include simplicity, cost efficiency, extensive integrations, value for established businesses, affordability for nonprofits/small businesses, regular updates, unlimited email marketing, workflow automation, and website marketing tools.
  • Cons encompass limited suitability for new businesses, basic landing page features, pricing versus features balance, a steep learning curve, unique process adaptations, and less extensive analytics for sales management.
  • Keap suits small and mid-sized businesses seeking to boost sales and marketing efforts, streamline client interactions, and automate processes. It benefits those with a basic understanding of digital marketing and a focus on lead generation strategies.
  • However, it might not be suitable for startups due to pricing, large enterprises with extensive contact databases, and businesses requiring deeper customization or extensive team management insights.
  • Keap offers a 14-day free trial and various pricing plans but lacks a permanent free version. Its Cyber Monday deal includes a 50% discount on the first two months.
  • Alternatives to Keap include HubSpot, GoHighLevel, Pipedrive, Zoho CRM, Salesforce, ActiveCampaign, Freshworks, Agile CRM, and Ontraport.
  • In conclusion, Keap is highly recommended for businesses seeking automation, CRM, and marketing tools. However, it might not suit very small startups or enterprises with extensive contact databases, offering a valuable solution for businesses in-between these extremes.

What is Keap?

Keap is a tool made for entrepreneurs to help their businesses grow. It’s like a super assistant that organizes leads, handles sales tasks, and boosts revenue. What makes Keap stand out is that it not only manages business tasks but also gives expert advice, extensive training, and support to entrepreneurs. It’s a hub where everything from organizing clients to sending emails and keeping track of sales happens. Keap’s special feature is its focus on making business tasks easier and more automated, letting entrepreneurs save time and take charge.

Formerly called InfusionSoft, Keap evolved into a platform built for growing businesses. It’s a toolbox that includes things like managing customer relationships, sending emails, and automating tasks. Keap started in 2004, mainly helping with organizing leads. But it’s grown a lot since then, becoming a leader in the world of business tools. What makes Keap really useful is its focus on making it simple for businesses to handle tasks like sales, marketing, and customer management. It’s especially great for small and midsize businesses looking to organize their sales efforts, send emails, track customer information, and grow their businesses without getting lost in complicated tools.

Keap’s features

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Keap’s CRM keeps all your customer info in one place, allowing you to track interactions, manage payments, and integrate with other software easily.

Email Marketing

Keap helps you create and send emails to your contacts with customizable templates and tools to segment your audience for personalized messages.

Landing Pages

You can use Keap to make professional-looking web pages without needing to know how to code. These pages can be used for promotions, special offers, or event sign-ups.

Marketing Automation

With Keap, you can set up triggers to send specific emails based on how contacts interact with your business. This helps in following up with leads and nurturing them towards a sale.

Messaging Contacts

If you’re in the US, Keap allows you to send text messages to contacts, making communication more direct and automatic.

Sales Pipeline

Keap provides a visual representation of your sales process, letting you see where leads and customers are in the buying journey. It also helps automate tasks like sending offers or following up with potential customers.

Other Features

Besides these core functions, Keap includes tools for handling payments, generating reports, scheduling appointments, creating quotes, and sending invoices. The appointment tool helps in organizing meetings efficiently.

Keap’s key strengths lie in its ability to manage customer relationships, automate marketing and sales tasks, and provide tools for organizing various aspects of a business’s operations.

Pros and Cons of the Keap​

Pros of Keap:

  • Simplicity and Ease of Use: Creating landing pages and setting up automation rules within Keap is straightforward. Its visual interface allows users to build effective landing pages by simply dragging and dropping sections.
  • Cost Efficiency: Keap offers multiple tools—CRM, email marketing, and landing page building—all under one subscription. This consolidated approach saves money compared to purchasing separate tools for each function.
  • Extensive Integrations: While Keap might not cover every feature, it compensates with a wide range of integrations. Users can seamlessly connect Keap with various platforms, including e-commerce tools like BigCommerce, Gmail for managing emails, and ThriveCart for optimizing checkout pages.
  • Value for Established Businesses: Keap shines most for businesses with some experience under their belt. Its robust CRM capabilities cater to businesses that prioritize customer relationship management.
  • Affordable Pricing for Nonprofits and Small Businesses: Keap offers a comprehensive free plan and affordable pricing, particularly beneficial for nonprofits and small businesses.
  • Regular Updates and Enhancements: The platform undergoes constant improvements, ensuring users have access to the latest features and updates for better functionality.
  • Unlimited Email Marketing: Keap provides users with unlimited email marketing capabilities, allowing for extensive communication without limitations.
  • Workflow Automation: Keap’s automation tools assist in streamlining tasks, helping businesses become more efficient by automating repetitive processes.
  • Payment and Quote Management: The platform includes features for managing payments and quotes, simplifying these crucial aspects of business operations.
  • Website Marketing Tools: Keap offers tools that aid in website marketing, providing comprehensive support for various marketing needs.

Cons of Keap:

  • Less Suited for New Businesses: Keap’s heavy emphasis on CRM might not be as beneficial for newcomers to the online business world. Its focus on CRM can feel overwhelming for those seeking simpler, sales-focused tools.
  • Limited Landing Page Features: Unlike other landing page builder tools that offer advanced sales funnel elements, Keap’s landing page capabilities are somewhat basic. For those aiming to maximize sales and minimize expenses, other tools might serve better.
  • Pricing Versus Features: Some users find Keap’s pricing relatively high for the features it offers. Despite its tiered pricing structure, users feel that Keap could provide more features, especially for the base plan, to justify the cost.
  • Learning Curve: Compared to similar solutions, Keap has a steeper learning curve. While it offers coaching, the complexity of the platform might require more time and effort to become proficient in its use.
  • Some Unique Processes May Not Be Fully Accounted For: Despite onboarding and success coaching, some users may find that their unique business processes are not fully addressed within Keap’s framework.

Keap offers a consolidated suite of tools beneficial for established businesses seeking comprehensive CRM and marketing solutions. However, it may pose challenges for beginners due to its complexity and pricing structure.

Who is Keap best suited for?​

Keap works well for small and medium-sized businesses aiming to boost their sales and marketing efforts. It’s great for smaller businesses looking to grow by providing strong tools, while also assisting midsize businesses in handling repetitive tasks efficiently through its automation features. Moreover, for sales and marketing teams, Keap serves as a helpful CRM tool, aiding in managing contacts, automating lead nurturing, and measuring success. Overall, Keap suits businesses focused on customer-centric services, seeking streamlined automation, and aiming for growth in their sales and marketing strategies.

Client-Focused Service Businesses

If your business centers on client-focused services, Keap offers robust tools to streamline client interactions, automate processes, and enhance service delivery.

Minimum Engaged Contacts of 100

Keap is optimal for businesses with an existing list of at least 100 actively engaged contacts. This threshold ensures a base for effective utilization of its features.

Basic Understanding of Digital Marketing

It’s beneficial if you or someone in your team has a fundamental grasp of digital marketing concepts. This knowledge assists in maximizing Keap’s marketing automation features.

Desire to Automate Client Flow

Businesses seeking to automate their prospecting and client management processes can greatly benefit from Keap’s automation capabilities, enhancing efficiency.

Strong Focus on Lead Generation Strategy

If your business already has a well-defined focus and strategy around lead generation, Keap can amplify these efforts through its CRM and marketing tools.

One-on-One Service Sellers

Keap is particularly advantageous for those who offer one-on-one services and seek automation to streamline marketing or fulfillment tasks, improving overall operations.

Who is Keap Not Suited For? ​

Keap’s analytics might not offer in-depth insights for sales management or predictive analytics with AI. While it provides detailed reports on campaign performance and conversions, businesses wanting more extensive team management insights might prefer other solutions tailored specifically for sales management.

Additionally, companies with complex needs might find Keap lacking deeper customization options and integrations with various business apps necessary for managing diverse sales situations. However, Keap’s Expert Coaching service can help guide businesses in optimizing the system to accommodate unique requirements and unconventional use cases.

Keap might not be the most suitable option for certain businesses due to specific reasons:

Startups: Keap may not be the best fit for startups primarily because of its pricing structure and absence of a free plan. The initial cost and subscription fees might be a burden for startups seeking more budget-friendly or free CRM solutions to kickstart their operations.

Large Enterprises: For larger enterprises with extensive contact databases, Keap’s pricing model based on the number of contacts might not align well. Enterprises dealing with a high volume of contacts might find other CRM options more beneficial as some platforms offer advanced plans without limitations on the number of contacts, making them a more feasible choice for larger-scale enterprises.

Keap Software Pricing​

Grab the Cyber Monday Deal: Enjoy a 50% discount on your first two months with Keap! Take advantage of this special offer.

Keap offer 14-days free trial.

Keap’s best alternatives?


Offers live chat, prospect tracking, and free CRM services. Ideal for startups but can be costly for larger organizations.


A comprehensive CRM and marketing automation platform designed for marketers and agencies. Features sophisticated tools, white-labeling, and unlimited users. I have written a indepth comparison of “Keap vs GoHighLevel”, it can help you alot making a choice between Gohighlevel and Keap.


Mobile-friendly CRM focusing on sales pipeline customization and contact timeline creation.

Zoho CRM

Provides lead management, contact insights, and collaborative tools, suitable for businesses of all sizes.


Offers extensive CRM functionalities but might be expensive for smaller businesses.


Mobile-friendly CRM with automation for scheduling meetings and deal tracking.


AI-driven CRM with features for sales and marketing automation.

Agile CRM

Easy-to-use CRM for sales, marketing, and service operations, suitable for small and mid-sized companies.


CRM facilitating lead tracking, marketing automation, and pipeline management.


Is Infusionsoft the same as Keap?

Yes, Infusionsoft was rebranded as Keap. Keap is the new name for the Infusionsoft product. The company underwent a rebranding effort and now offers its services under the name Keap.

Is there a free version of Keap?

Keap does not offer a permanent free version. However, it does provide a 14-day free trial for users to explore and test the platform before committing to a subscription.

Is Keap a Good CRM?

Keap is considered a robust CRM solution, particularly suited for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). It offers features for contact management, marketing automation, and sales processes. Its effectiveness depends on the specific needs and scale of the business, but it has received positive feedback for its comprehensive tools and functionalities within the CRM sphere.


Keap CRM is a great fit for businesses dealing with repetitive tasks and wanting to automate sales and marketing. It’s especially useful for online stores, helping to manage leads and communicate with clients. It also supports sales teams that need personalized guidance. However, it might not suit solo entrepreneurs or very small startups due to its advanced features and upfront costs.

Keap benefits various businesses, including small companies, freelancers, and mid-sized firms. It’s a game-changer, automating routine tasks and allowing users to focus on essential aspects of their work. With features like managing customer relationships, marketing automation, and handling sales, Keap offers an all-in-one solution.

In my own experience, Keap has revolutionized my business. Before, I struggled with tracking leads, sending the right emails, and managing client info. But now, Keap handles it all. It automates importing client data, sorts leads, manages sales pipelines, sends emails automatically, schedules meetings, creates invoices, and follows up with clients.

Keap, previously known as Infusionsoft, stands out for its user-friendly approach in managing various business aspects. Many big names in SEO and online sales prefer Keap due to its convenience and cost-effectiveness.

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