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GetResponse Review 2024: Excellent Email Marketing and All-In-One Marketing Platform

We’re surrounded by lots of tools for email marketing and automation, all doing similar things. But there’s one name that stands out: GetResponse.

GetResponse has been around for a long time and keeps doing a good job year after year. In this review, I’ll break down GetResponse and talk about what it does well and where it might fall short. By the end, you’ll know if it’s powerful enough for your business.

I’ve tried many email marketing tools, and recently, I tested GetResponse. It’s a tool to help with email marketing, and it comes with guides to assist beginners. Picking the right email marketing platform is crucial for any business. GetResponse has been a go-to choice for businesses since 1998. With over 23 years in the industry, it keeps adding new features to help businesses reach customers better.

This review will look at its features, pricing, and customer support to help you decide if it’s the right choice for your business, especially if you want to automate your marketing efforts.

You can explore GetResponse by using their 30-day free trial to see how it works. During this time, you can check out its main features and how they can assist in your email marketing goals. I’ll share what I discovered and how it could be beneficial for achieving your email objectives. You’ll learn about the prices, good points, bad points, and other important things to help you figure out if GetResponse is what you need for your business.

Key Points:

  • GetResponse offers robust email marketing functionalities such as list creation, e-newsletter sending, and detailed campaign statistics.
  • GetResponse expanded from its core focus on e-newsletters to encompass e-commerce tools, website building, chat functions, webinar hosting, and automated sales funnels.
  • Features include automated emails, A/B testing, segmentation, SMS marketing, web push notifications, forms, AI recommendations, and integrations with 100+ apps.
  • Varied pricing plans starting from $19/month for email marketing, $59/month for marketing automation, and $119/month for e-commerce marketing.
  • Pros include efficient list organization, design and spam checking, effective sales funnels and landing pages, live chat support, and useful tools even on the free plan.
  • Cons encompass limitations on email automations in lower-tier plans, mixed customer experiences, form building limitations, and restricted support access.
  • Ideal for businesses focusing on lead generation, e-commerce operations, advanced automation, and in-depth campaign analytics.
  • GetResponse offers a comprehensive suite of features, robust automation capabilities, and good customer support, making it suitable for businesses prioritizing email marketing and engagement.
  • Provides a 30-day free trial for exploration, allowing users to assess its suitability for their specific business needs.

What is GetResponse?

GetResponse is an email marketing application that offers various functionalities:

  • It enables you to create a mailing list and gather data.
  • You can send e-newsletters to your subscribers.
  • Automation of your email marketing through ‘autoresponders.’
  • Analyze key statistics pertaining to your email campaigns, including metrics like open rates, click-through rates, and forwards for comprehensive insights into campaign performance.

Initially founded in Poland in 1998 with a primary focus on simplifying e-newsletter sending, GetResponse has evolved significantly. It now aims to be an encompassing e-commerce and online marketing solution rather than solely an email marketing tool.

In addition to its robust email marketing capabilities, GetResponse offers a diverse array of supplementary features, including a website builder, chat functions, ecommerce tools, webinar hosting, landing page creation, and automated sales funnels.

Over time, GetResponse has introduced new features, including conversion funnels and webinar hosting, intending to position itself as an all-in-one marketing platform.

The journey of GetResponse began in 1997 when SEO Simon Grabowski launched the first autoresponder. Since then, it expanded its offerings, grew its global team, and received recognition, such as being ranked as the second-best email marketing provider by Website Magazine in 2011.

Despite increasingly competitive markets, GetResponse has maintained its position by continuously evolving. It adapts to provide users with top-notch email marketing features, emphasizing its growth-oriented approach.

GetResponse functions as an email marketing software allowing you to automate customer communication, create effective campaigns, and track results. It offers an array of features like automated emails, A/B testing, landing page creation, autoresponders, segmentation, SMS marketing, web push notifications, live chat, forms, pop-ups, AI recommendations, paid ads, webinars, and more.

Additionally, GetResponse integrates with over 100 popular applications, including Salesforce, Google Analytics, Shopify, WordPress, Gmail, HubSpot, PayPal, Twitter, Slack, and many others.

With competitive pricing and excellent customer support, GetResponse offers a seamless start with no need for a credit card during the trial period. This approach makes it user-friendly and flexible for businesses exploring email marketing solutions.

Overall, in 2024, GetResponse remains an excellent choice for businesses venturing into email marketing due to its comprehensive features, ease of use, integrations, and customer support.

GetResponse features

GetResponse is an email marketing software offering a robust set of essential features that professional email marketing services should provide. Here are some of its prominent features:

  • Autoresponders: These are automated emails sent to your subscribers at intervals you set. For instance, welcoming a new subscriber, offering discounts, or promoting social media engagement. GetResponse offers extensive functionality for creating autoresponder sequences.
  • Marketing Automation: This feature, available on specific plans, allows you to build complex automation workflows using a drag-and-drop editor. You can customize user journeys based on actions like opening offers or clicking specific links.
  • Email Templates: While GetResponse offers around 215 templates (less than some competitors), they’re modern, editable, and categorized for various purposes like promotion, education, and sales.
  • Web Fonts: GetResponse provides an extensive selection of Google Fonts, enabling users to maintain brand consistency in their email campaigns. These templates are also responsive, adjusting to various devices.
  • AI Tools: GetResponse integrates AI tools like an AI subject line generator, AI Email Generator, and AI Autoresponder Generator. These tools help in quickly creating subject lines, generating email content, and crafting industry-specific autoresponder messages.
  • Analytics: GetResponse offers comprehensive analytics, including open rates, click-throughs, unsubscribe rates, ‘one-click retargeting’ to engage subscribers, ‘email ROI’ to measure campaign effectiveness, and per-user information.
  • Split Testing: Users can test variants of emails to determine the most effective version, although the testing options are limited to subject headers or content variants.
  • Perfect Timing & Time Travel: These features optimize email delivery time based on subscribers’ habits and locations, ensuring emails are opened at the most opportune times.
  • Landing Page Creator: GetResponse includes a landing page creator with around 93 templates, allowing A/B testing and integration with analytics tools. Although the interface might feel clunky, it’s a cost-effective feature available even in the free plan.
  • Webinars: Recently added, GetResponse offers webinar hosting, a valuable feature that competes with established webinar solutions. The platform offers competitive pricing and the ability to host webinars alongside other marketing features.
  • Mobile Optimization: Ensures that email campaigns and landing pages are optimized for mobile devices, catering to users across different platforms.
  • RSS to Email: Allows automatic content sharing by converting RSS feeds into emails, simplifying content distribution.
  • Contact Import: Enables easy importing of contact lists to manage and segment subscribers efficiently.
  • Email Statistics (Clicks & Open): Provides comprehensive analytics for tracking email performance, including open rates and click-through rates.
  • Social Integration: Facilitates seamless integration with social media platforms for wider reach and engagement with the audience.
  • Excellent Support: Delivers robust customer support aimed at guiding users through the platform and swiftly resolving any queries or concerns they might have.

GetResponse offers an extensive range of features encompassing email marketing, automation, analytics, and beyond, providing a holistic solution for businesses seeking to maximize their effectiveness in digital marketing strategies.

GetResponse pricing

Email Marketing: $19/mo

  • Must-have tools for audience building and nurturing.
  • Includes AI-powered email generator for content and subject lines.
  • Unlimited newsletters and autoresponders.
  • AI campaign generator (currently in BETA) for content across emails, subject lines, and landing pages.

Marketing Automation: $59/mo

  • Everything in Email Marketing, plus:
  • Marketing automation and event-based automation.
  • Webinars, advanced segmentation, and contact scoring.
  • Ready-made sales funnel creator for automated product promotion and sales.

Ecommerce Marketing: $119/mo

  • Everything in Marketing Automation, plus:
  • Quick transactional emails for automated order confirmations and abandoned cart emails.
  • Ecommerce segmentation, abandoned cart recovery, promo codes, and product recommendations.
  • Web push notifications to enhance customer engagement.

Free Custom Domain:

Get a free custom domain for one year with any paid 12-month or 24-month plan.

GetResponse Pros and Cons

GetResponse Pros:

  • Efficient List Organization: GetResponse provides effective tools to organize subscriber lists based on various conditions, helping users segment their audience more precisely.
  • Design and Spam Checking: The platform offers an easy-to-use feature to test email designs and check for potential spam issues, ensuring better deliverability.
  • Effective Sales Funnels and Landing Pages: Users can create personalized landing pages and sales funnels, allowing them to effectively generate leads for different aspects of their business.
  • Live Chat Support: With the introduction of live chat, users can capture and interact with new leads promptly, accessible even on the go via a mobile app.
  • Management of Ads on Google and Social Media: GetResponse enables users to create and oversee ads on Google, Facebook, and Instagram directly from the platform.
  • Useful Marketing Tools on Free Plan: Despite limitations, the free plan includes essential tools like creating landing pages, popups, and forms, providing a good starting point.
  • Wide Range of Program Options: GetResponse offers a variety of features and tools to set up and test email campaigns, catering to different user needs.
  • Reliable Income from Affiliate Programs: The platform’s affiliate programs offer users a dependable way to earn consistent income.
  • Seamless Integration with E-commerce Platforms: GetResponse integrates smoothly with popular e-commerce platforms, enhancing its functionality for businesses.
  • User-Friendly Interface and Reliability: The platform’s simple interface and reliable performance ensure a smooth experience for users.

GetResponse Cons:

  • Email Automations Limited to Higher-Tier Plans: Marketing automation workflows are available only on the Marketing Automation plan or higher, making it relatively pricier compared to some other platforms.
  • Mixed Customer Experiences: Issues noted with unauthorized account reactivation, slow customer service, slow loading times, and concerns about B2B/B2C email restrictions.
  • Limitations in Form Building and Support: Form building is limited and less intuitive compared to email and landing page creation, while dedicated customer support is available only to Max plan subscribers.

Is GetResponse the right newsletter service for you?

GetResponse might be the perfect fit if:

You’re Focused on Lead Generation:

GetResponse stands out for inbound marketing needs. It offers versatile signup forms, a basic landing page editor, Google Analytics integration, and advanced automation tools for segmentation and email campaigns. It’s adept at capturing and nurturing leads, and you can even conduct live or on-demand webinars through the platform. The Conversion Funnel feature ensures organized lead tracking.

You Run an E-commerce Business:

For people who run online shops, GetResponse offers various tools to help increase sales. These tools include connections to platforms like Magento and Shopify, ways to recover abandoned shopping carts, personalized email content based on what customers buy, and detailed tracking of sales. Its AI-powered product suggestions are customized to match each visitor’s preferences and behaviors.

You Seek Advanced Automation:

GetResponse’s workflow builder impressed us with its capabilities for automating various actions. This includes email sending, lead scoring, contact tagging, segmentation, and data updates, available in higher-tier plans.

You Require Detailed Analytics:

GetResponse offers comprehensive data insights covering contacts, newsletters, and automation. Its newly designed interface is sleek, intuitive, and enables in-depth analysis of your campaign performance and audience engagement.

Frequently asked questions

Is GetResponse a CRM?

GetResponse isn’t a full CRM tool, but it helps organize contacts and identifies potential leads likely to convert.

Does GetResponse comply with the GDPR? Where is their data hosted?

GetResponse follows GDPR standards, storing data in both the US and the EU. It offers an option to exclusively host user data in the EU.

How Is My Data Protected?

GetResponse ensures data protection based on Polish policies, similar to stringent EU data protection norms.

What is GetResponse used for?

GetResponse is an all-in-one email marketing platform, enabling email creation, automation, and sales funnel development.

Is GetResponse legit?

Yes, GetResponse’s email marketing service for small businesses securely stores customer data and manages subscribers safely.

GetResponse Alternative

ActiveCampaign: Known for its intelligent automation, ActiveCampaign offers robust and user-friendly automation tools. It stands out with impressive deliverability rates when compared to GetResponse

MailerLite: Despite being a more budget-friendly option, MailerLite doesn’t compromise on quality. They provide modern templates, strong automation capabilities, and commendable deliverability rates. It’s a top-notch tool at an affordable price point.

GoHighLevel: As an alternative, GoHighLevel offers a unique set of features. It’s an all-in-one platform focusing on marketing and business management, encompassing tools for CRM, funnels, and more. While not directly similar to GetResponse in terms of email marketing, it stands out for its comprehensive marketing and business solutions. If you want to read in detail about Gohighlevel then you must read this article “What is Gohighlevel?

Final verdict

Our review of GetResponse comes from using it extensively in various projects. We found it’s great for making lists, sending emails, and automating messages.

GetResponse stands out for its mix of features and easy-to-use design, making it unique among similar tools. It’s especially good at managing lists automatically and setting up workflows.

Though its editing tools can be tricky, the templates are good enough to create useful things. The mobile app is handy for sending newsletters and chatting on the go.

In short, GetResponse is a top choice for email marketing, offering lots of templates and features. But for someone wanting a simple email tool, it might feel like too much.

Still, if you’re serious about engaging audiences and selling products, GetResponse is a strong contender. You can try it free for 30 days to see if it fits your needs.

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