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How to get White-Label Support for GoHighLevel SaaS

White-labeling your agency on GoHighLevel can be a game-changer for your business, allowing you to provide a customized and branded experience to your clients. However, the success of your white-label offering hinges on the quality of support you provide. Many agencies encounter difficulties when it comes to ensuring top-notch customer assistance. One common pitfall is hiring virtual assistants (VA) who lack comprehensive knowledge of the GoHighLevel platform itself. This often leads to inadequate support, frustrating both the agency and its clients. To overcome this challenge and guarantee exceptional support, it’s essential to adopt effective strategies for obtaining white-label support that is specifically tailored to the intricate functionalities of GoHighLevel’s versatile SaaS platform. In this article, we’ll look into How to get White-Label Support for GoHighLevel Whitelabel Agency or GoHighLevel Whitelabel SaaS.

Why Do You Need GoHighLevel White-Label Support?

GoHighLevel white-label support is crucial for agencies and businesses utilizing the platform to provide exceptional customer service and maximize their clients’ experience. While whitelabeling your agency on GoHighLevel empowers you to offer a personalized and branded solution, it’s quality of support that truly sets you apart. With dedicated GoHighLevel white-label support, you can ensure that your clients receive prompt assistance from knowledgeable experts who understand the intricacies of the platform. This support is invaluable in resolving any technical issues, addressing client inquiries, and providing guidance to help your clients fully leverage the capabilities of GoHighLevel.

By investing in GoHighLevel white-label support, you can eliminate the burden of handling customer queries and technical issues on your own, allowing you to focus on growing your business. Hiring GoHighLevel experts experienced in providing white-label support ensures that your clients receive timely, accurate, and tailored assistance, fostering trust and loyalty. Additionally, these experts can offer strategic guidance, share best practices, and help your clients optimize their use of the GoHighLevel platform. With reliable white-label support in place, you can enhance your agency’s reputation, deliver exceptional customer experiences, and position yourself as a trusted authority in the GoHighLevel ecosystem.

Best GoHighLevel White-Label Support – GetExtendly

If you’re seeking the best white-label support for your agency or SaaS business using GoHighLevel, look no further than GetExtendly. With a comprehensive range of services tailored specifically for GoHighLevel users, GetExtendly stands out as the ultimate platform for delivering top-notch support to both you and your clients.

When it comes to white-label support, GetExtendly has you covered on all fronts. From ticket support and chat support to personalized Zoom sessions, they offer a suite of services designed to ensure that you and your clients receive the assistance you need, whenever you need it.

One of the key advantages of choosing GetExtendly is their commitment to providing a complete support package. They not only handle the technical aspects of account setup and configuration but also offer extensive onboarding and training. Their knowledge base provides easily searchable articles, offering step-by-step instructions on various support topics. Moreover, their library of How-To videos and tutorials equips you and your clients with in-depth guidance on using new features and optimizing GoHighLevel’s capabilities.

With GetExtendly, training your clients becomes a seamless process. Your clients can easily familiarize new users with the program thanks to the separate series of training videos they offer. Whether it’s the essentials or advanced functionalities, their training resources ensure that your clients can make the most of their GoHighLevel experience.

When it comes to customer support, GetExtendly shines with their responsive ticket support, average response time of under 5 minutes for chat support, and the option for personalized Zoom support calls. Their dedicated team of experts ensures that you and your clients receive prompt and knowledgeable assistance, creating a seamless support experience.

With GetExtendly as your trusted white-label support partner, you can focus on growing your business while having peace of mind that your clients are receiving exceptional support. Elevate your agency or SaaS business to new heights with GetExtendly’s unparalleled GoHighLevel white-label support services.

GetExtendly Pricing

Price$199 per month$299 per month$599 per month
HighLevel Training
1-on-1 Strategy Call
Daily Coaching Tech, Sales & Prospecting Training
24/7 Unlimited Agency Support
Support for your Agency via Live Chat
Support for your Agency via Zoom
Daily Tech, Sales & Prospecting Training by HighLevel ExpertsWhite Label Self-Service Support
24/7 White Label Client Support
SaaS Clients Supported10UnlimitedUnlimited
Support via Live Chat
Support via Tickets
Support via Zoom
White Label Self Service Support
Knowledge Base & Support Library
Interactive User Guides
HighLevel Setup – Reduce Tech Overwhelm
FREE GHL 101 Course (Setup w/Optimized Settings for LeadConnector)
HighLevel QuickStart Snapshot
FREE Ultimate Quick Start Snapshot (reg. $495)
See How GetExtendly Support WorksSee How GetExtendly Support WorksSee How GetExtendly Support Works

Frequently Asked Questions about GetExtendly WhiteLabel Support for GoHighlevel

What does the Ultimate HighLevel WhiteLabel Support plan not cover in terms of support?

Extendly’s Ultimate HighLevel WhiteLabel Support plans do not include services for creating client-specific workflows or funnels. They do, however, offer done-with-you help via Zoom sessions with specialists, such as funnel builders, CSS experts, or workflow builders, who may direct and aid with your demands.

Which sub-accounts get access to Whitelabel Support at my discretion?

Currently, the Ultimate HighLevel WhiteLabel Support is available to all sub-accounts with the same subscription. Future updates might, however, enable choosing which sub-accounts have access to assistance. Watch this space for any changes to this feature.

What precisely qualifies you as a client of Ultimate HighLevel WhiteLabel Support?

Any sub-account that is separate from your main agency sub-account and has one or more allocated personnel is referred to as an Ultimate HighLevel WhiteLabel Support customer. These delegated personnel can take advantage of committed support and knowledge catered to their individual requirements.

Can I plan a certain amount of Zoom calls with the Ultimate HighLevel WhiteLabel Support for my clients or myself?

You and your clients can book an endless number of one-on-one Zoom calls with professionals when you use the Ultimate HighLevel WhiteLabel Support. These specialists may advise and help with your particular needs. They include workflow builders, CSS experts, and funnel builders.

Can I buy onboardings all by myself?

You must be a member of the Ultimate HighLevel WhiteLabel Support in order to acquire the Ultimate WhiteLabel Direct To Client Onboardings for your clients. Onboardings are not available as a stand-alone service for purchase. Starting the Ultimate HighLevel WhiteLabel Support can be done in a number of ways, including signing up directly, selecting particular Ultimate Snapshots, or taking advantage of the Ultimate HighLevel Sign-Up Offer.

What distinguishes White-glove Client Onboarding & Setup (Agency Created Snapshot) Add-on Services from White-glove Client Onboarding & Setup (Extensively Created Snapshot)?

The origin of the snapshot utilized for onboarding your clients is where the difference lies. The Extendly Created Snapshot service makes use of an already-created Extendly snapshot or one that you or your team have customized. The Agency Created Snapshot service, on the other hand, utilizes an already-existing snapshot from your agency or one that was obtained from another source. Both providers provide easy onboarding procedures.

What exactly qualifies as onboarding a client?

Client onboarding describes the first setup needed for users to begin using the platform efficiently. This entails creating sub-accounts, using outside tools, and offering basic training.

If the client wants to sign up for an existing sub-account, will the pricing be the same?

Yes, whether the client needs a new sub-account or can be added to an existing one, the price stays the same. The cost is determined by how many customers are brought on board.

Can Getextendly offer a map to make our photos easier to comprehend?

Yes, you may do a Zoom walkthrough video or even give a full map to help our team better understand your unique onboarding requirements.

Is it possible to tailor the onboarding process to cover particular HighLevel features?

Absolutely! You can customize the onboarding session to concentrate on particular HighLevel features that you want to include. By doing this, you can be sure that your clients will receive instruction and direction on those aspects.

After registering for the service, how long does it take for customers to be booked for their onboarding call?

After signing up for the program, clients can normally arrange their onboarding appointment within 1-3 days. They can be directed to the Ultimate WhiteLabel Direct To Client Onboarding’s onboarding intake funnel.

What would further call cost if the client needed more help to comprehend the system?

The Ultimate HighLevel WhiteLabel Support includes additional support. The Ultimate HighLevel Sign Up Offer includes a three-month subscription to the Plus Agency Support. As a result, there are no extra fees for additional calls or help within that time.

The onboarding session lasts how long?

The first onboarding meeting is divided into two halves. The Tech Call normally lasts 20 to 30 minutes and discusses tool connections with domains, calendars, Facebook, and GMB. Depending on the precise elements you wish to concentrate on for educating your clients, the training call might run up to an hour.

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